Good Man Hunting

By Jacinta Tynan

Random House Australia (2005).

One girl’s funny and revealing account of her search for true love to last a lifetime

This amusing book sees Tynan making a good claim to be the Australian answer to Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw. (Sydney Morning Herald)

Jacinta Tynan’s first book, Good Man Hunting, is a candid and humorous memoir about looking for love in your thirties and the pressure to meet a man. Jacinta chronicles her own dating experiences and those of three of her friends (Destiny, Grace and Hope) as they navigate their way through relationships, letdowns and personal growth.

I designed my first wedding when I was seven. Barbie, swathed in baby pink tulle with camelia petals on her head, was propped up on a matchbox carriage pulled by a white horse from Barbie Dressage with my brother’s pirate doll in shiny black knickerbockers. Pirate Pete was just a prop to give the scene validity . . . But something shifts when a girl turns thirty and suddenly Pirate Pete becomes very much a part of the picture . . .’

Good Man Hunting is the story of a woman who appears to have it all: she’s thirty-two and has a fulfilling job as a TV news anchor. There’s just one thing missing — a man. Well, that’s what everyone else keeps telling her anyway. “…I don’t feel like a beggar, it’s just everyone else who’s desperate by proxy, not me”.

Good Man Hunting chronicles her sudden foray into single life and her search for a good man – a sole mate – to love and live the rest of her life with. Jacinta writes honestly about her own journey and that of three of her friends (Destiny, Grace and Hope) as they go through everything from break-up recovery, being pursued by a married man, the Brazillian wax, her clairvoyant addiction, ‘fishing off the company pier’, the set-up and the one-night stand to the well-tested theory that ‘Men are from Melbourne’. Her mother’s well-meaning advice to go out with any man, ‘unless he has two heads’, makes her wonder if she’s being too fussy.

As Jacinta says: ‘Dating is different to Going Out. Dating is short shifts, trial and error, dumping and getting dumped . . . But I must do it – the dating thing – if I want the Ultimate Outcome.’

All the while she is striving to live in the moment and let destiny play its hand, trying to convince her friends that these days should be treasured and that there’s nothing wrong with being single. For a while.

Funny, candid and revealing, Good Man Hunting is one girl’s compelling story of a special kind of hunting expedition, as she goes in search of a sole mate to last a lifetime.

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Reviews for Good Man Hunting:

[quote color="#ee6251"]“This amusing book sees Tynan making a good claim to be the Australian answer to Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw. This is not imitation. There’s no Jones self-pitying whining or Bradshaw emotive angst. Here is the typical, pragmatic Sydney girl worrying about her life, consoling her friends and trying to find a halfway-decent male to share her life with”.[/quote]

- Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

[quote color="#ee6251"]“What sets this debut apart from standard chick lit is its warmth, generosity and insistence that a cuddle with the right person can have more appeal than a rumble in the jungle with the wrong one. Tynan is a witty writer who makes reality sound like the fiction it increasingly is”.[/quote]

- The Weekend Australian

[quote color="#ee6251"]“Revealingly honest, Tynan’s account of her time splashing around in the dating pool is a witty and often surprising read…”.[/quote]

- Sunday Magazine (Sunday Telegraph)

[quote color="#ee6251"]“I would suggest a read of this book would save a lot of women a lot of time, as Tynan does a good job in summing up the advice on man hunting as well as providing a bibliography of sorts”.[/quote]

- The Age

[quote color="#ee6251"]“The eternal girl-chases-boy theme gets an update in Good Man Hunting by Jacinta Tynan. The heroine’s looking for love but in all the wrong places. It’s humorous, witty and speaks a truth that will appeal to a lot of women caught up in similar situations”.[/quote]

- The Daily Telegraph