Some Girls Do

Some Girls Do. My Life As a Teenager

Allen & Unwin (2007)

‘Funny, touching, heartbreaking, embarrassing – it’s all here and it’s great stuff.’

- Vogue Australia

Jacinta Tynan is the editor and a contributor to, ‘Some Girls Do. My Life As a Teenager’ – an anthology of female writers sharing the true stories of their adolescence.

Jacinta created the anthology as a way of raising funds for SISTER2Sister- a mentor program for disadvantaged teenage girls of which she is an ambassador and was also a Big Sister mentor (2006). All royalties are donated to SISTER2Sister.

51 authors contributed to Some Girls Do, My Life as a Teenager, including Nikki Gemmel, Kathy Lette, Jessica Adams, Larissa Behrendt, Kate Morton, Jessica Rowe, Di Morrissey, Leigh Redhead, Belinda Alexandra…

From adolescent angst, first crushes and being a rock star groupie to battles with anorexia, sexual abuse, and one woman’s decision to become a nun, these writers prove that your teenage years aren’t necessarily the best days of your life, yet all have lived to tell the tale. Their stories are told with great insight, sensitivity and humour as they lay themselves bare on the page.

Some Girls Do takes you back to your high school formal, your first love, first kiss, first bra, and your first realisation that your Mum and Dad may not know best as you revel in the tales of these inspiring, accomplished women who prove there is life beyond adolescence.

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Jacinta Tynan, Tara Moss, Leigh Redhead, Bessie Bardot
Some of the authors in Some Girls Do.